The fulfilling this project, Studio Hamburg Design Works met all functional requirements and additionally provided Maximum flexibility. This was achieved by using proven, ready-made components and bespoke assembly Groups. The standardized components in the technical furniture provided a foundation for the perfect combination of the individual Units. Elements were tailored to the floor plan and customized Units guaranteed the successful realization of this Project.

The podium area of the Supervisor Bridge has a bespoke tubular steel frame construction which houses the instruments. Its measurements were based on the raised floor System in order to ensure optimal assembly.

The supporting desk frame is a combination of individual tubular steel frames and integrated profile rails which provides increased flexibility for the Installation of components in the wiring area. The assembly of visual Display units, operating area and work surface incorporates individual elements that can be used independently of each other and modified according to the principle of a construction kit.

The modular design of the construction is focused on the use of furniture, as well as on Installation and maintenance during Operation.